Friday, October 28, 2005

that guy

you see, this is the type of shit thats gay. if you werent such a massive butthole, id be calling you right now to see how you were doing. i know you just lost your game and all, and that probably sucks. so maybe you dont want to talk to anybody anyway. and thats fine. but because you cant stop yourself from being the biggest tool in the shed, i wont be calling you at all. ever. and thats the gayest gay thats ever gayed.

yeah i know. youre always going on about how we should totally keep in touch and how i should totally visit you and how it wont be weird at all. and obviously its all my fault that we arent talking. you know, cause it was me who didnt call you back that one time, or didnt come visit you when i was in town. and youre so motherfucking enlightened and cant understand why we shouldnt stay friends.

im tired just thinking about it. ill rebut this later.


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