Saturday, October 29, 2005

making my pain into a funny

dear idiot ex:

1. if you make a habit of sexing people in the same circle of friends every time, eventually, we're all going to get together and talk about your penis. in all the ways that are not good. dumbass.
2. youre ex-girlfriend is fucking psycho. that is all.
3. i wasnt referring to myself in that last point. seriously.
4. and admittedly, im pretty fucking crazy. so shes like...whoa.
5. you seriously have no emotions. what, with that, is up? i mean, i understand that dudes have to be cool and dude-like. steve mcqueen and all that shit. that otherwise, matter and anti-matter would fuse and render the universe an asploded, shriveled, blackened husk of a wasteland roughly the size of a quark, but whats the big fucking deal?
6. please stop taking perverse pleasure in your lack of emotional intelligence. its not brave. its just sad.
7. grow a pair of nuts and tell the nasty truth. in a timely fashion. not months later when im attached and my dog is attached and youre still a butthole.
8. please. for. the. love. of. god. stop. popping. your. collar. its just awful.
9. also, you need to tell people on the first or second date that you used to listen to Creed. and that you still defend Creed. and that you still think Creed is a good band. and that you still have 5 or 6 Creed CD's, (Creed live?!), tucked into your collection. and that you think scott stap is 'misunderstood'. thats like having HIV dude, you gotta give full disclosure as soon as possible so the lady can make an informed decision about the future of the relationship. imagine my horror at finding out the truth months later. <shudder>
10. my dog never liked you.


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