Sunday, October 16, 2005

harry potter hell

i have read five harry potter books in the last week. im halfway through the sixth. im going to cry when i am done. there will be nothing left to make me not bored. and im pretty sure a fuck-load of people are going to get killed off at the end of this book, and its going to end all dark and disturbing like, and then im going to have to wait for three feking years for the last bloody book to come out so i can finally see out how it all ends.

in other news: i cant believe im reading harry potter. seriously. jesus.

harry potter is mildly addicting, in the same way that i hear crystal meth maybe also has some addictive qualities.


so i have a pile of books on my bedside stand about four feet thick. so what. i dont have a problem. leave me alone. put those shades back down. oh the light, the light it burns.


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