Thursday, September 15, 2005


So here goes:

first i didnt get into school and then a nut-bar moved in with me cause my best friend moved away and then the crazy started stealing money from me and also he got arrested for stealing from bookstoresandebay and then i got a dog i think you already know that and his name is troy and then my asshole boyfriend dumped me whenineededhimthemost story of my life and did i mention the first one i used to bitch about got married cause thanks karma thats realfuckingfair and so then my roommate had AIDS the crazy one and hekilledhimselfwithagun he bought from my neighbor im glad he didnt hurt me iguessbuti dont think it was going there anyway and then asshole boyfriend number two's asshole girlfriend number two decided to move to town and share with us all her many trollish qualities such as trying to hook up with him when im STANDING RIGHT THERE for to make me feel wretched because it still hurt very very badly andhowtolivesuccessfully underabridgeandgrowasubstantialFUPA andthen events tookaturn for the worsewhenidiscoveredthat i had no money causeofthewholestealing thing and aroundthattimeitdawnedonmethatihadbeensixthonthewaitinglistandthosemother fuckersstillwouldntenrollmeeventhoughigotAsinallmyclassesandHolyFuckingShitDIdIS tartDrinkingAGreatDealOfAlcoholANDIhADbEENs AVINGmONEYfORyEARSt OdOsOMETHINGcOOLwI THiTANDpISsedITAWAYoNTUITIONFORAS CHOOLIDIDNTEVENGET INTOANDFUNDE DACRAZYDUDEWITHALETHALWEAPONINHISB LOOD ANDAGUNINHISHANDANDANDANDT HEWHOLEFUc KINGTIMEIHAD TOWORKWITHTHAT WRETCHEDLITTLEMONS TERWHOWOULD NTLETUPE VENFORASECONDINHISCAMPAIGNOFWORLDDOMINATIONINTHEINSENSITIVEPRICKCATEG ORYFORTOBETHEIROVERLORD AND THATS. E. FUCKING. NOUGH. ALREADY.

And if this were sport-center that would only be the highlights.


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