Monday, March 07, 2005


how in fuck does someone who used to be an english major find themself completely unable to write an eight page paper without getting donkey-raped by grammar and a complete lack of an attention span? bah.

why is writing crap i dont want to write about so hard. if this assignment were about farts and penises i would so get an A. farts and penises. where can i go to school for to write about that? why is there no center for learning for people such as me? why am i STILL writing a paper that was due last thursday ON MY FUCKING SPRING BREAK. im in an internet cafe right now in florida. looking out the window at children playing and sun shining and dogs frolicking and i am writing a goddamn ass-fucking soul-less paper.

and obviously updating a website that i never get around to updating anymore. PRO-CRAS-TI-NA-TION. its whats for dinner.


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