Tuesday, February 15, 2005

things i would like...

...but are probably never going to happen.

i want to get an A on my next test.
i want to be a good dog mama.
i want my cell-phone battery to discontinue sucking it's own dick.
i miss my parents.
i miss my brother.
i miss my bob.
i want everything that must be done to schedule itself in a nice orderly fashion, or, to be able to clone myself whilst my clone does all the sucky stuff i have to do but dont want to.
i want the perfect body.
i want the perfect soul.
i want to stop smoking.
i want to stop hacking up my black lung for to quit smoking.
i want my dog to like me better than my roommate.
i want my roommate to go the way of the dinosaur.
i dont want to get old alone.
i dont want to get alone.
i want to grow old gracelessly.
i want everyone to think im ok.
i want everyone to be right.
i want to give more shout-outs to god just because she's probably bored sometimes.
i want dog to be my co-pilot.
i want you to notice when im not around.

'cause your so fucking special.


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