Monday, October 11, 2004

ray, of motherfucking sunshine.

this guy, we'll call him 'ray', is running for president of asshole-land on the platform that mornings are the devil. but thats neither here nor there.

being that im the current president of asshole-land, and also a card-carrying member, there have been many discussions as to the true nature of that which is an asshole, and who among us is most capable of stepping up, and wearing the esteemed mantle of head asshole for the next four years.

this debate is far less pointless than the televised debates for that 'usa' country. umbrella topic: two huge assholes arguing over who's the bigger asshole.

and if you think about it, america is the natural habitat of the wild asshole, an asshole so not rare, that if assholes could fly, the sky would be as sack cloth and there would be airports all up over this bitch.

so i watched 90 minutes of two dudes bleeting back and forth at each other. and i retained nothing. i try to remember what was said and all i hear is the sound of grownups talking to charlie brown. mwa mwa mwa. i can never regain those lost minutes of my life, and i think im stupider.

im not sure why i thought i would learn anything, or be able in any way to establish who i will cast my vote for. and i still think they both suck.

one dude thinks we need a constitutional amendment to prevent the spread of people catching 'the gay'. the other dude takes absolutely no stand on any issues whatsoever, and when questioned, will not confirm or deny that the word 'issue' actually exists.

fuck it. lets go get drunk.


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