Sunday, September 19, 2004

things that are sex-imafied.

oh dear lord. the drunkenness that is now.

1. that chick in the chris isaak video wearing dude's underwear. that shit's hot.
2. noses. i dont know why.
3. boobs. that clearly needs no explanation. i am straight. but if i see my humble boobs in the mirror. oy. so totally hot.
4. when the chick in the chris isaak video rubs sand all over her excellent nubile body. hot.
5. when the chick in the chris isaak video sort of, kind of, teases chris isaak, but doesnt actually kiss him or fuck his brains out. ever. hot. i feel that millions of teenage boys discovered wanking whence they saw that video.
6. its my website and i shall say whats hot. and that is so goddamn hot.
7. did i get around to mentioning, that i am, in fact, obscenely inebriated? oy.
8. um. butts. butts are hot. when they are doing stuff that involves moving. which is just about a lot. but not when the farting or pooping happens. thats just gross. yeah.
9. happy. joy. confidence. i pulled them out of my ass...but they are also hot. its so outstanding when a dude can rock a hot pink bikini in a horrible drunken photo that may or may not be featured on the wall of the establishment he might work in. totally. fucking. hot.
10. uh. sorry dude.


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