Wednesday, August 04, 2004

trucks with dogs coming out of them.

there is still no power in my house.

there is no hot water. the hot water thing is almost ok, because it is hotter than the fire of a billion suns in williamsburg. but, the drains are still clogged. i used drano. i shot high velocity water directly into the drain. i yelled at it. i cried at it. i showered and eventually swam in it.

i am seriously considering locating where it is that high school science teachers find their hydrochloric acid. and then, that drain, shall be my bitch.

the only thing that makes it somewhat ok is the fact that after all of this plentiful suck has run its course, i will live in a house that is within walking distance from my job. and i can finally, FINALLY, have a dog.

it's been four years since my dog died.

i guess its odd for someone who didn't grow up, or ever have a dog to understand how important and excellent they are. ive never been without a doggy friend for this long. and let me tell you. it SUCKS.

the first dog i ever made friends with was a part of the doozer household before i was even born. and we totally dug each other. we had a special bush we would hide under together. and i would pet the dog. and he would growl at anyone being mean to me. he ruled.

i miss going home to my parents house and being greeted by a giant fuzzy mass of awesome drooling love. i want to be the person my dog thinks i am. word.


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