Sunday, August 08, 2004

slap-shot hair.

i got my hairs cut today. dude comes up to me at the coffee shop and is like 'hey dude, you want a hair cut?' i wasnt offended or anything, cause my hair was approaching haggard. since my mood the last few days could most aptly be described as nutbar, i was all 'yes. yes sir i do want a hair cut'.

and dude gave me $50 and a bag o' hair products.

it was pretty sweet.

i sat on a stage and a bunch of hair cutter people watched me get an almost-mullet. it doesn't look like ass, though, if it starts to grow out in an accentuated mulletinous shape, ill be forced to take action.

but im a model, bitch. and as such, i will conduct myself in a manner befitting the fine tradition of the fashion career. im doubling my cigarette intake, cutting my sleep in half, drinking martinis for breakfast, and forgetting what solid food tastes/looks/smells like. in a few short months, by cultivating a pronounced eating disorder, my emaciated body will grace the cover of vogue and make normal women feel like shit for not having the body of a 13 year old boy. excellent. *tents hands*.

i forgot about the cocainia. all the money i make is going straight up my nose.

seriously though, go watch the movie slap-shot. its from the seventies, it has paul newman in it. an outstanding-er movie about hockey i have yet to see. anyway, theres a scene in the movie where the players are being made to model some clothing for sponsorship. look at the guy who goes onstage first. thats my hair.


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