Saturday, August 14, 2004

caution: hurricanes may cause the drinking of hurricanes.

oh lawd.

i live on the eastern sea-board thingy. so hurricane Charley is about to crawl right up in my ass and pick out curtains. last time a hurricane came to town i broke my arm on it. i just threw the old cast away, and i really dont want a new one to jump on my elbow. that would suck.

so ive got candles all up over this bitch. you may remember them from such posts as, 'jesus fucking christ we still do not have power', or 'why does god hate me and think im job'. those posts may have been histrionic. but i still have the lots of candles. thank his god-ness.

all i have to do is try real hard not to surf in the middle of said hurricane when i dont know shit about surfing, and ill already be one non-broken arm ahead of Isabel.

i rule. and so does malt liquor.


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