Thursday, August 12, 2004

bob and stuff.

my roomate might be the largest dipshit on the planet. but he also might be the nicest person ive ever met. except when he wants to fight glasses that need to be broken. but thats funny so its ok.

sample of bob wisdom: 'i dont know what you think youre doing, but youve got to talk to me sometime. because all this seclusion and not hanging out with any of your friends is bullshit. youve got to talk to somebody. and im leaving for 5 days and i like you and im worried about you. for christs sake you make me look like a pussy. im all about building emotional walls and shutting people out...but goddamn...did you graduate college with a degree specifically stating how goddamn stubborn you are?'

to which i replied, 'flgljljmeowbwahaha'.

i am not eloquent when i have a big knot in my throat.
its very hard for me to come to terms with the fact that someone does not like me. im ok when its a mutual thing. thats fine. no one gets hurt. the end result is 2 people who enjoy insulting each other, which is kind of fun because you have to develop new and ingenious ways to degrade the other person. its all good and verbally sparrific.
what i dont enjoy is when ive invested time and emotion into someone, and i come to find ive been grabbing my ankles the whole time, and that im a total moron for having deluded myself into thinking that i havent been grabbing the living shit out of my ankles. this is all part of being a dumb girl.
monkeys. i am a dumb girl.


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