Saturday, July 24, 2004

something i ought not have done.

so, where i work, when you start a tab for someone, you use a ridiculous screen keyboard to write out the person's last name.  at least, that's what youre supposed to do.  more often than not, tabs turn up as 'assface'  and 'doooshbag'.   its a nice little passive-aggressive way to send out our vibes of hate to a customer who decides to suck.

and sometimes we make up subtle ones like,  'dudes' or 'dudeswithchick'.  sometimes its all about the distinguishing characteristics.

so when my shitbag ex-boyfriend walked in after refusing to speak to me for six months,  his tab was clearly 'fuckwad'.  but then some other dude joined him and i didnt know if i should split their tab into 'fuckwad1' and 'fuckwad2', or let the tab remain one big 'fuckwad'.  so when they asked for the bill,  i asked if they wanted it split.  they both said no.  i really, REALLY, wanted ex-shitbag to pick up the bill.

the other dude picked up the bill.

i was like, 'oh fuck'.

the outstanding part is that other dude had to put the bill in his per diem thingy so he could get reimbursed by his law firm.  cause they were both on a business trip.  i felt like a huge doooshbag.



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