Wednesday, July 28, 2004


fuck.  god fucking dammit.  fuck.  fuck.  fuck. 

there once was girl named 'leduse'.  and she had way too much fucking crap for her own good.  and she tended to worry about it a great deal, when the point where she had to move out seemed eminent.  oh. so. fucking. eminent.

and then there was a boy named bob.  who did little dances around the girl that was trying to pack while the girl was trying to ignore him but the boy wouldnt stop and it became very distracting so she kicked him the nuts.   and  bob was like, 'what the fuck'.  and leduse was like, 'exactly, you shit-heel, WHAT THE FUCK'.

and then the amount of cigarettes smoked was legendary.  and the amount of beer drunk not so much, but comparable. 

and sweet jesus with the dust.  so much dust her face was grey.  grey and but sneezing all the time it was.  and she was like, 'my god, i cant even take something for my allergies because it will only induce a week-long nap'.  and then she knew she was fucked and that this whole week would suck a mighty un-yielding asshole. 

and for christ-fucking-shitbag-sake.  i have a goddamn ridiculous potty mouth.  stick a soap fork in my mouth.  im done.




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