Wednesday, June 02, 2004

old lady with a dog in a small town.

the mutual affection dogs and owners share makes the world, and waking up in the morning, suck less.

a woman was cruising down the road in a wheelchair, with her big hairy dog beside her, and i was jealous. of the woman in the wheelchair, who lives in the nursing home across the street.

this struck me as an apt metaphor for the seemingly endless desire of people to acquire more and more shit to fill up their increasingly empty lives.

uh. that sounded harsh.

allow me to elucidate. i have more money than i know what to do with. i would say im poor by most people's standards, but as i dont having any huge drainage attacking my checkbook, (kids, ball and chain, etc...), im doing just fine. im not a cripple. i dont live in the old folks home. i have my whole life ahead of me.

'said i used to, make a pretty good living. but you must make a killing' ~ani difranco

and yet, i can find something to envy in someone who, by every standard americans hold dear, has less than me.

say the what now?

so. i think there needs to be an amendment to the american dream:

old dream~
make as much money and buy as many toys as is humanly possible in your lifetime. this will make you happy. screw the unfortunate bastards who are poor, because, obviously they deserve to be. they clearly did no amount of pulling on their bootstraps, and praise the lord, (who is obviously a capitalist lord), that bootstrap pulling always works.

new improved dream~
make enough money to live comfortably and not have to worry about bullshit problems like medical bills, kids burning down the house, etc. do what you like doing, regardless of what it pays. a rich miserable fuck is still a miserable fuck. try not to do stupid shit that requires you to live beyond your means. kids can be cute, but not when youre fourteen and that kid happens to be yours.

in no way am i condoning a hippie lifestyle. hippies still suck. im merely suggesting that whether you make millions or hundreds, you should enjoy what you do, enjoy the people you have relationships with, and enjoy every stupid little innocuous thing that makes life worth living.

and enjoy the dogs that make sure its safe to cross the road.


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