Wednesday, June 02, 2004

i do love my lists.

things that are bothersome to dudes:

1. calling them, like, ever.
2. taking an interest in their goddamn lives.
3. looking sideways at a baby.
4. poking them with your finger.
5. poking them with your finger even when they tell you to stop, for serious.
6. getting good and drunk, making fun of their shitty taste in music, and then pleading with them to get over themselves.
7. dropping a shit-ton of f-bombs in honor of the moment.
8. telling a silent, pensive bastard that, 'we need to talk'.
9. asking 'complex' questions that require them to utter more than two poly-syllabic words.
10. farting on their heads. maybe now they'll listen.


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