Thursday, June 17, 2004

heaven knows im miserable now.

i loathe confrontation.

id rather tip-toe around the ginormous pink elephant in my living room, than risk making it feel sad by telling it that things just aren't working out, and that it is too pink and too big and i cant take it anymore, and will it please leave. cause i dont want to make anyone feel badly. especially not an elephant. but for serious, i dont know how to make both the elephant and myself happy. obviously things cannot continue on in this way. i will go insane. the elephant will go insane. we will end up hating each other and i will get stampeded.

sometimes you just wish you knew what elephants think about. theyre always just kind of sitting there, mostly not talking. and in the absence of any real conversation, you invent heinous things in your head about what the elephant thinks of you. you wonder why the big bastard is always in your living room. you wonder why in hell he's pink. youve certainly never asked him to explain these mysteries, because youre afraid of what he'll say. maybe he's pink because he knows you hate pink and oh my god with all the pink. or maybe when you ask what is up with the huge-ness and pink-ness, he'll think youre a total basket-case paranoid and that your capacity for over-analyzing things is muchly off-putting.

and what if you cry like a little bitch because the elephant makes fun of you. what if the elephant thinks youre annoying because, while youre jabbering away, he could be watching the goddamn NBA championships, (fuck the lakers). cant there be some way to read an elephant's mind? i need some odds, some percentages, predictions. i think i might have to put my hands over my ears and sing that 'henry the VIII' song as loud as possible, in lieu of confronting the elephant and risking the giant elephantine shaft.

stupid complications that dont need to be complicated. stupid silent elephants being pink all the time. stupid me for allowing the mt. vesuvius in my gut to fester and vomit all over the internet.


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