Thursday, May 06, 2004

running vs. beer drinkage,

the eternal conflict.

ok. im going to have this one beer. and then im going home. just one. maybe ill run afterwards. beer running is fun. hydrating and anesthetizing. i could still be so totally productive after just this one beer.

what? youre getting a shot? dude. i want one too. aaargh. my beer is almost gone. what am i going to chase this tasty shot with? all right goddamnit. gimme another beer. fuck.

uh. can i bum one of those excellent cigarettes? sweet. thanks dude.

*prolonged drinking ensues*

awright yous maggots. les get nekkid, run around campush and fuck up some nerdsss...

and then you find yourself running around, wearing an orange parking cone as a hat and stealing road signs from the nerd school across the street.

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