Saturday, April 24, 2004

'someone saved my life tonight...'

his fucking majesty, Elton John.

i know its an idiotic, 'im a fourteen year-old boy who hasn't achieved puberty yet', thing to do, but i still turn all the lights off and listen to pink floyd's The Wall, in it's entirety. sometimes.

i see nothing wrong with this.

i dont even like pink floyd much. but like all music, it has this ability to impress itself indelibly with good and bad memories. so sometimes i like to crank up the awful shit i used to listen to in high school, and recall how fucking excruciating and awkward that period of time was, and how fucking infinitely grateful i am that the suck-fest is over.

had i not strapped headphones to my ears to block out the gibbering fuck-tards known as my classmates, i might have swallowed a bottle of clorox a long fucking time ago. that and the running thing. i assume it would create difficulties to not have a functioning throat when youre trying to be really fast. i have enough trouble trying to be really fast what with the smoking and the drinking and the free-basing till all hours of the morning. damn that pesky free-basing.

but when youre 15 and life sucks and there's no end in sight to sucking, its sometimes nice to know that no matter how awful you feel, Morrisey will most definitely always feel worse. its his fucking job or something. at least my girlfriend's not in a coma.


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