Thursday, April 08, 2004

sad, sappy, sucker v. sick, fickle, fucker.

i hate to beat a dead horse's skeletal remains, but what the fuck is this.

i cant pretend i dont like it. that saucy mustache. those marine muttons. a surreal underwater concert: snorkel mask included. that damn song is growing on me like a virulent rash. i enjoy both livestock, and mustaches. so i cant not appreciate a creation that serves me equal and generous portions of each. and a dude wearing a fez. which is cool.

if im not careful, i might start entertaining thoughts of actually purchasing the cd. you win this round, Epic.

i hope the sheep dont get slaughtered in the end though. that barn looked like it had meat hooks in it, and the sheep looked pretty bummed about having to maybe go hang from them.

so. floating on down my stream of consciousness, if this song is about how 'i am him and he is me and we are he and she is all together, coo-coo ka-choo', i might get hormonal. cause i fail to see how being nonchalant about sheep murder is ok, even if a bunch of slack-jawed hippies 'heard' the universe tell them so. or however it is that hippies acquire their belief systems.

uh, what i mean is, i dont want to 'float on' and be a slacker if i dont agree with whats going on around me. even if nothing i do ever matters, id like to at least try. participating might end up being more satisfying than observing, but i doubt it. sometimes.

i dont know how ive managed to dissect a simple pop tune, and reconstruct it using my personal manifesto, but obviously, i need to go eat a fuck-load of chocolate and watch lifetime. now.


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