Sunday, April 25, 2004

new years resolutions.

or, i really enjoy compiling useless lists.
or, its april but whatever.

1. drinking is the devil. stop dancing with him. so much. in the pale moonlight.
2. smoking will only lead to a pair of lungs as black as your heart.
3. stop not shitting. seriously.
4. sleep long enough to become not enraged at birds chirping in the morning.
5. no more shaking of the enraged fist at birds. they obviously think this means, 'please take a huge fucking shit on my car'.
6. get a dog already. get a truck to put the dog in. dogs love trucks.
7. quit using so much motherfucking profanity.
8. make a concerted effort to learn more about the african-american culture.
9. write pretty words.
10. partake in the chronic. determine what all the hoopla is about. hoopla!


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