Thursday, April 01, 2004

homicidal rage

part deux.

11. let out that rancid fart you were holding in, and then fail to warn me, on the off chance i might not notice.
12. have the balls to get pissed when i light a match. or six.
13. play tetris on your game-boy while taking a crap, instead of concentrating on hurrying the fuck up because im about to have an ass-plosion.
14. complain about your butt falling asleep, cause you were so engrossed in said tetris game, you failed to notice the passing of time, or the odd constrictive position of ass-upon-toilet.
15. expect me to have sympathy for your poor numb ass when i am this fucking close to shitting myself.
16. play some more tetris.
17. remark about how interesting it is that i only take a shit every so often, and that you, however, are quite regular. continue to play tetris.
18. bring home a pamphlet on the causes of disordered pooping.
19. display it prominently and suggestively in the bathroom, causing my ass to pucker in creeped-out stage fright.
20. play tetris, and somehow elude being murdered by me.


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