Tuesday, April 06, 2004

homicidal rage

menage et trois.

21. dont speak, write, or morse code me for more than 4 months, then roll into town, come to my workplace, and strike a pose at the end of the bar as though all is well, for hours.
22. dont be afraid to stay in town for like, 5 days, on account of some 'conference' you have to attend.
23. whatever, dude.
24. leave bizarre messages on my answering machine at 2am. yeah, i might do that to you, but when i do it, it's cheeky. when you do it, it's cruel and mind fuck-ful.
25. dont be afraid to suck really, really, hard.
26. be thoughtful enough to obtain a signed copy of the new jack the ripper book, (i love serial killers!), and cause me to feel guilty for secretly wanting you to to suck really, really, hard.
27. kiss me in a not-so-brotherly fashion before leaving town.
28. regrettably, im not from west virginia.
29. does that rancid skank youve been fucking know you just kissed me in a not-so-brotherly fashion?
30. oh yeah. that's a moot point. youve probably already dumped her for, say, being nice to you. or treating you well. or not being an evil cunt-ass-whore. i know how you love evil cunt-ass-whores.
31. why do you love evil cunt-ass-whores? because, YOU ARE CRAZIER THAN A SHIT-HOUSE RAT.
32. feel free to come back and visit any time. like, the very next weekend.
33. add 8 beers and a couple(6) shots. enquire if im 'dating' that guy.
34. watch my head explode as i try to fathom how your presumptuous ass has any right to ask me such questions.
35. become 'sulky', because i am screaming at you and simultaneously timing how long i can shriek at this decibel without having to waste time breathing.
36. i certainly do have a lot of things to say.
37. somehow manage to still make me feel like recycled dog-shit. guilty, recycled dog-shit.
38. cause me to revisit those tragic instances of self-loathing, all because i still tragically hope i do not make you sad.
39. make me sad.
40. cause me to be lame and introspective in my blog entry and, to pull yet another list out of my ass. damn you.


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