Friday, April 23, 2004

the god people.

so ive been meaning to see the 'jesus christ chain-saw massacre', but given my repressed-nazi-catholic upbringing, i am decidedly hesitant. as i am still a recovering catho-holic, i feel it would be a step backward to review the propaganda, in graphic detail, that's been shoved down my esophagus long before anything should have ever been shoved down my esophagus.

i like the idea of jesus. he certainly seems to be a swell guy/god. but why do all 'his people', suck ass? i dont understand how these mostly warm fuzzy teachings could have been so misinterpreted by so many stupid, vindictive, ass-fucking, erotophobic, holier-than-thou, 'im going to take every word in the bible literally even that seven day creation thingy and the stuff about gay dudes because i am a complete dipshit', MORONS.

sure. i believe jesus existed. and im sure he died in a fucking horrendous, excruciating manner. but so have lots of people. anybody remember the holocaust? there are worse ways to die. and its not as though other people werent crucified right along with him. apparently, he checked out early, as crucifixions go. usually, it would take days of agony before you kicked it.

im not disputing the fact that jesus existed, died, or was/is a god. i dont fucking know, and regardless of faith or whatever, nobody else fucking knows either. no matter what they say, how many robes they don, how very muchly they resemble darth vader and his imperial homies in said robes, no one human can tell me he/she knows exactly what the fuck is going on with jesus.

my point is, i would appreciate it if the god-squad would step the fuck off when it comes to pretending their lives are so much richer, and holier, and more heavenly, and sanctioned than the rest of us. and i would like them to stop being so judgmental. if i have fantasies about midgets with whips riding goats bearing a cart of really hot dudes with handles of chivas cupped in their rippling biceps, thats my fucking business. there's nothing in the ten commandments that saith 'thou shalt not fornicate with drunk himbos', you sanctimonious fuck.

also, i would really, really like all the christ-ers to actually read what the bible says. maybe then it would become apparent how asinine taking the gospel literally is. and maybe someone will pick up on the fact that jesus told all you unpleasant, fun-sucking, tight-wad pudwackers to 'judge not, lest ye be judged'.

fuck this. im going to karaoke night. creed blows.


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