Tuesday, April 13, 2004

every artist is a cannibal,

every poet is a thief... ~paul hewson

its killing me that i feel like everything i write is just some idiotic mock of something someone has already done.

i am a product of what i grew up on. there isn't much i can bullshit in the world of the internet. and i dont want to. i definitely dont fucking want to.

but i just feel like this massive, hemorrhaging douche-bag, when i 'reference' something that wasn't mine to begin with. and then there's the other side of my monkey-ness, where i feel like i might be enlightening some dudes to stuff they should know about, and like. everyone should know that david bowie rules. despite his mid-80s crisis.

meow. dancin' in the streets was totally for a good cause. totally.


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