Friday, April 23, 2004

conversatin' with that guy

reproductions of ridiculous shit uttered, recently.

'dude, look at all these parking spaces. ive never seen so many open. i feel heady with power, yet am indecisive.'
'yeah, i know. lets just stay out here and park the car again and again until we get it out of our systems. look at all the possibilities!'

'man, i had to spend two entire days cramped in a suburban with my family. it totally sucked.'
'i dont want to hear your sob story.'
'dude, we were in a suburban, not a saab. dont you ever listen to me?!'

'shots. now. shots goddammit. why arent there 40s on tap?'
'uh, i dont know.'
/*insert barfly-type scuffle with atomic wedgies and indian burns*

'i feel that the killing was better in the first movie. there seemed to be a lot of superfluous plot going on in kill bill 2'
'yeah. i know what you mean...but uma thurman looked totally hot, right?'
'yeah. totally.'

'i fucking hate that guy.'
'yeah he totally sucks.'
'you dont even know that guy.'
'yeah, but im sure he totally sucks.'

'i cant use my cell phone as an alarm, it doesn't get service in your house.'
'how the fuck do you think my alarm is going to get service then?!'
'youre a funny guy. funny, funny, funny.'


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