Thursday, April 15, 2004

come and knock on our door...

so my land-overlord came over yesterday but didnt give my roomates and i any warning. and he had some prospective renters with him. and our house is a complete shite-hole right now.

naturally, i had been up till that hour of the morning when the sun should rise, but as williamsburg is the forsaken, curs-ed, barren center of the universe, where nothing will grow and no light will shine and the earth shall be as sack-cloth, i had no frame of reference and continued to honk down Cutty Sark. so.

at some point i recall staggering back to my bedroom. cause i had to have stopped watching ghost-busters before the god-awful sequel came on. but there was no removal of clothing, or turning off of lights, or turning on of fans to disperse the concentrated bourbon smell. and when land-lord man appeared some short hours later, wackiness ensued.

me: passed the fuck out, fully clothed, lying halfway on the bed with covers and limbs in a tangle of awkwardness. clearly, obviously, eminently intoxicated.
roomate bob: buck ass naked in the shower.
roomate matt: at work, but not failing to be really messy. and stopping up the drains with his thick pelt.

shortest fucking tour ever.


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