Thursday, March 25, 2004

...whatever happened

to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll,
now we just have AIDS, crack, and techno...

~laughing colors


people used to make records
as in a record of an event
the event of people playing music in a room
now everything is cross-marketing
its about sunglasses and shoes
or guns and drugs
you choose.

~ani difranco

dear music industry dudes,

there are way too fucking many 'artists' that need to be euthanized for making my ears bleed. top of my list right now. evanescence. please make them go away.

this is what happened: a couple dudes got together and were like, 'hey, guys, lets get this band together. our image can be totally gothic-punk in nature, yet unabashedly bland and brain-numbingly boring.' and so they did. and then they got this chick, who's voice is amazing, in the sense that it is so fucking forgettable and average, so as to not offend the target market of adolescents with nervous soccer moms who wont let them listen to 'korn' or 'staind' or 'limp bizkit' or 'sum blinkin 182 with a system of 41 downs'. and then you executives were like, 'eur-fucking-eka! this is the answer to all our rap-metal prayers! praise be the gods of suck! down with napster! down with kazaa! viva la musica for which the production acrobatics make it difficult to distinguish where the actual song begins and the mutt lange influence ends.'

'i know what lets do. instead of taking time to develop new ways to profit from internet downloading, which would require actual thought, lets prosecute a shit-ton of 13 year-old music lovers, whom we know have no money, and make examples of their parent's bank accounts.'

so. record label monkeys. ever stop to think that this bitch-slap to the music industry known as 'file-sharing' might be indicative of the general public's distaste at having to spend $18 for the new crap-tastic britney spears lp? because, obviously, this isnt going away. the napsters you get rid of merely create a fertile power vacuum for the kazaas and bear-shares and a million other sites to thrive merrily until they too, are prosecuted into oblivion.

and so. in summation. let the artists do their thing. less production, more creativity. if the music is good, and the artists know what they are doing, there's no fucking need for some really expensive producer to come in, fuck everything up, and drive up the price of the cd so that it costs more than my right kidney on the black market.

*hugs and kisses* ~leduse

ps- dont even try to fuck with the hackers that are stealing all the music, and making the lot of you look like the last computer you maybe touched was a commodore 64. the more you attempt to thwart them, the more amused and dedicated they become. these people have nothing to lose. they live to fuck with The Man. you are The Man. heed me. i pray you.


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