Sunday, March 21, 2004

löwenbräu humor.

i should probably be embarrassed by the bloated volume of 'dick 'n' fart' jokes i find amusing. i should also be appalled by the high percentage of which i recount, with relishmentation, on this site. the word 'excrement' should not cause seizures of hilarity to convulse my black little heart. but im not, and i won't be, and it does.

it's not a partime gig either. i dont, like, seek out phone booths for which to transform myself into an evil internet sociopath. everywhere i look and everything i see is a potential fun-filled foray into bad taste. this morning: i am taking a shower. i notice i'm running low on shampoo. fuck it, im out of shampoo. so i steal some of my roommate's.

'mmm...' i think to myself, as i lather my hairs, 'this smells totally good. i wonder what it is'.

suave. with apple excrement & vitamin E.

the FUCK?


apple extract. oh.


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