Sunday, February 29, 2004

williamsburg: sex offender mecca.

so i was farking on today and some farker posted a story about a sex offender website being inundated with so many hits, it's bandwidth gave up and committed seppuku. so naturally i had to click on the link and make the problem that much worse.

and what should i find, but a link to a sex offender site in the state of virginia. so i went there and typed in my little area code, and was whisked away from delirious ignorance to the land of 'oh-my-fucking-god, like, eighty sketch una-bomber looking molesters live in my town'.

so i put in a northern virginia/d.c. area code next, expecting there to be infinitely more molesters located in a large population than a little tiny one. but no. there were like, 5 people listed. as opposed to the eighty that apparently reside in my backyard. and by backyard i mean one of the addresses i chanced upon is in my fucking back yard.

i fear for the kitchen maggots that pass out on my front lawn. i shant allow them to do that anymore.


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