Thursday, January 08, 2004

you might be rocking if...

Boys put me in a good mood. When they're not being shit-heads. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it's extra special good. Silly boys.

I love the service industry. No where else can my hard-obtained English degree be put to better use. Writing papers on the affect of monkeys on the decline of Western civilization totally prepared me for the work force. Totally. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I make more money than the psychology degree kids. Psychology. What fucking joke. That's just majoring in beer pong and then answering some obvious questions about basic human nature. Those guys are totally fucked. At least I know my degree is shit. Psych majors delude themselves into thinking they're getting a degree in some kind of science, yet still have time to party their collective nuts off. Think again motherfucker, you have no job. Unless you want to be some kind of high school counselor, a thankless set-up where you might use some of the "knowledge" you acquired. And really, that's where we need you. All the slack-jawed, natty-lite drinking frat boys that psych inevitably attracts definitely need to be molding the young minds of America.

So here's to you rambling blog entry. And here's to drunken fratters. Here's to drunken fratters spawning more drunken fratters. I have to go and reevaluate my life now.


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