Sunday, January 11, 2004

sucking the glass dick. again.

I hate feeling attached to certain individuals as a result of a little making out. If anything, this whole blog experiment has shown me how bat-shit crazy I just might be. And in sad edition, how very muchly I choose not to notice.

less than a week ago, I would have preferred my ex to be a flayed and burning carcass somewhere in the Amazon with lot's of bite-y, sting-y insects attracted to the smell. But all is forgiven. Not really.

Under the influence of the New Year, shit-loads of alcohol, and many sleepless, dancing to the Pixies at 4am nights, I might have been a little scathing in my assessment of his shit-weasely personality. I'm not ready to give him any 'props' as the kids these days call it, but I think I'm done spewing my hate for now. No more bees will be coming out of this mouth. Clearly, this is entirely dependent on his ability to stay the fuck away from me and my phone number, but I'll always have stock-piled adequate loathing should it be required.

I might have to change the whole festering mood chronicle thing.

In other news, my father has taken it upon himself to inform me of the 'garbage in, garbage out' theory. Apparently the gist is, what you put in your head stays there, good or bad, and those crazy trench-coat wearing kids from Columbine had too much Marilyn Manson racing around the synapses.

Unfortunately, he was referring to my blog. He saw the title and didn't realize I was, in fact, the author. And proceeded to tell me to not put that crap in my head. Dad...I'm not putting it in, it's already in there. I'm just sharing it with those less fortunate not crazy people.


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