Thursday, January 29, 2004

lazy i am

ok. yeah. i have a confession to make. i dont give a rat's monkey's ass about punctuation and such. you're damn lucky to get a period at the end of a sentence. if i feel like it. when im in a good mood. and about spelling, lets just say i didn't win any 'bees' in school. i feel like im spending most of my time editing my shit-ass grammar rather than writing what i want to write. and that is sooo not why i started this webpage. if i dread the ordeal of the proof-read and the spell-check, im never going to get a goddamn thing done. so there. also, id like to have the time to get out of my house and experience new and illegal things to write about, and frankly, there's not enough time to fuck with it [grammar], between work, drinking, and considering new and evil venomous ways to hate my ex.

so here is my final ode to punctuation:

dear comma i love you, but dont know where you go
a period at the end of a sentence is too slow
so fuck the mutha-fo's that be dissin' my sight
the content's what matters, and yes i am white.

i wish i could spell but alas i cannot
it surely dont help with the smoking of pot
the spell check button says that fuck=puck
useless to this guy, and now i am stuck.

yes. yes i am a huge fucking tool. somebody already told me, but thanks.


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