Tuesday, January 13, 2004

jibber jabber jaws.

If you can't tent your hands in a smarmy manner I don't want to be your friend. Hand-tenting is just too important to everyday conversation. I find it hard even to communicate with non-tenting, expressively bereft people. If somebody has something you want, and you fully intend to yoink it when they aren't paying attention, you obviously have a responsibility to tent your hands. If someone is eating something, and you plan on 'surreptitiously' taking a huge honking bite out of it, hand-tenting is more than adequate warning.

Another important thing to remember is the saying of the word 'yeeesssss...' whilst tenting your hands demonstratively. This indicates that something favorable is occurring. The tenting and the 'yess-ing' express gratitude on the behalf of the tent-er, and more often than not give much needed encouragement to the tent-ee, thus, expediting the entire process.


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